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Woman with toothache

From pain due to simple repetitive motions to exposed nerves and damaged fillings, toothaches can have a variety of causes. Tower Dental Associates can determine the cause and help plan treatment.

Simple Toothaches

Simple toothaches are painful and uncomfortable, but luckily, they are temporary and, for the most part, they do not require attention from a dentist. They may be caused by repetitive motion — such as chewing or grinding —, debris, or other issues. If you suspect a simple toothache, trying rinsing or resting your mouth.

While some recommend placing an aspirin between your tooth and gum to relieve pain, stay away from this practice. The dissolving aspirin can actually harm your gum tissue. Instead, try taking the aspirin (or another anti-inflammatory) as recommended. This may relieve pain associated with inflamed gums.

Severe Toothaches

If a toothache lasts longer than 1-2 days, feels severe, or is accompanied by a fever or a headache, it’s wise to consult a dentist. These signs point to underlying issues that may need professional and immediate attention. Potential causes of toothaches could include cavities, infections in the root, broken teeth, damaged fillings, infected gums, and more.

Toothaches should not be ignored. Infections, cavities, broken teeth, and other issues can worsen without attention and require more intense treatment down the road. Call a dentist right away if you suspect your toothache is beyond simple.

When you see a professional for your toothache, he or she will do an examination and possibly x-rays to determine the cause of the problem. From there, he or she will determine the best possible route for treatment.