Restorative Services

Sometimes, even with good daily oral hygiene habits, damage happens to our teeth. If preventative care wasn’t an option, or it came too late, and you have serious oral health problems, restorative care is your next step.

If your teeth are decaying, severely decayed, or even missing, you aren’t stuck with the damage. Instead, you could benefit from restorative treatments with Dr. Andrew.

Yes, you can have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted without the embarrassment of damaged teeth.

What are Restorative Treatments?

Restorative dental takes a smile with teeth that are already damaged and returns it to its normal healthy appearance. The type of care you’ll receive depends on the damage that your teeth have.

Some of the services that Dr. Andrew uses in his restorative care include:

  • Fillings – The most common restorative treatment option in dentistry, fillings protect the tooth from decay. They strengthen the enamel after a cavity has already damaged it.

Not too long ago, fillings were also a source of embarrassment for patients with them. But today, tooth-colored options are made from composite material that are BPA free. This makes it almost impossible to tell the difference from your natural tooth and the filling.

  • Crowns – Another common type of restorative care is the dental crown or onlay. This treatment is used for a variety of problems. If your teeth are chipped or cracked, a crown can be customized to cover the break.

Like tooth-colored fillings, your crown’s color is carefully chosen to match the rest of your smile. 

  • Root Canals – When a cavity leads to an infection that becomes too severe for a filling to fix it, a root canal might be the best option. Root canals are performed to remove the infection from the healthy area, solving the problem.
  • Dental Bridges and Implants – When you are missing a tooth, or multiple teeth, a bridge or an implant can fix the problem. Bridges consist of temporary false teeth attached to an appliance that connects to the natural teeth around it. The false tooth “bridges” the gap.

Implants are another option for missing teeth. These are also false teeth, but they are surgically implanted to be just as permanent as your natural ones.

  • Dentures – This restorative treatment is for people with multiple missing teeth or significant damage. A customized set of partial or full dentures is designed for you, based on your needs, wants, and budget.

For full mouth rehab/restorative care and to schedule preventative work, call our office today!


At St. John’s Smile Care, we provide our patients with high-quality care in a friendly, supportive environment. Our services range from preventative screening and exams to restorative and surgical care. We offer the best care for your oral health and we want you satisfied!

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“I used to avoid the dentist and now I actually look forward to my appointments. My teeth feel so great after and the whole experience is actually peaceful from start to finish. I had some fillings done last week and was nervous, but the whole experience was quick and they really helped me to be comfortable. Thanks D2O dental!”
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