Preventative Dentistry

Like every aspect of your body’s health, prevention is the key to good dental hygiene. Preventative dentistry includes a wide range of dental care to keep your gums and teeth in good shape.

When you practice preventative dental care with your dentist’s help, you can avoid major dental issues in the future. This type of care not only helps to avoid problems, but it can let your dentist catch them early if they do creep up.

Types of Preventative Dental Services

Preventative oral care is not a one-size-fits-all solution. When you visit Dr. Andrew, he will examine your mouth and teeth and determine if you need more than a teeth cleaning and an exam.


Our preventative dentistry includes:



  • Cleanings and exams – Professional teeth cleanings are done by our dental hygienist. He or she will clean your teeth with dental tools designed to remove tartar and plaque. 



You’ll also likely get a set of oral x-rays taken, which Dr. Andrew will use to check your mouth’s overall health. This is the perfect opportunity for the dentist to catch any beginning problems and start a course of treatment.



  • Fluoride Care – When your tooth enamel isn’t strong enough, or if you need a little extra TLC, fluoride treatments may be recommended. These simple but effective topical therapies protect your teeth from cavities and future decay.




  • Gum Disease Care – If your gums are sensitive, you may already be susceptible to a gum disease called gingivitis. Before it gets any worse and turns into periodontitis, you might benefit from preventative treatment. 



With this therapy, you’ll get an antibiotic that fights the causes of gum disease. Dr. Andrew will also guide you on caring for your gums to avoid permanent damage to your teeth and jaw bones.



  • Sealants – Dental sealants are used in teeth that have openings that are difficult to clean. These coverings seal the open area, preventing bacteria from entering the tooth and creating cavities.




  • Oral Cancer Screenings – Cancer is a scary word, and oral cancer can invade your body undetected if you aren’t watching for it.



Dr. Andrew knows the signs of this disease. During your regular dental exams, he looks for any possible abnormalities that might indicate the start of cancer. 



  • TMJ or TMD Treatment – Jaw pain and headaches may be a sign of TMJ or TMD. If you are diagnosed with either of these conditions, you could benefit from therapy to ease the pain. 



With a customized mouthguard or oral appliance, your symptoms can be effectively managed. 


Sportsguards and nightguards are also mouthguards that are commonly prescribed for those who play sports or grind their teeth. Both of these appliances help to protect your teeth from pressure and damage and are usually worn at night.


Call today to schedule an appointment for your preventative care treatment!


At St. John’s Smile Care, we provide our patients with high-quality care in a friendly, supportive environment. Our services range from preventative screening and exams to restorative and surgical care. We offer the best care for your oral health and we want you satisfied!

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