Natural Teeth Whitening Practices Busted

With more and more people becoming health conscious and opting for natural cleaning and eating habits, suggestions that seem trendy and easy to follow have gained a lot of popularity. Not only have people opted for natural substances to clean their house, laundry, and self, but natural teeth whitening has become a popular topic of conversation.

Natural Products You Should Never Use For Teeth Whitening

To your disappointment, or maybe relief, this article is all about busting four in-home practices for teeth whitening. Some are worse than others, but there’s really only one way to ensure you’re getting whiter teeth, in a healthy way.

1. Activated Charcoal And Baking Soda

The latest trend that we’ve seen for teeth brushing and whitening is activated charcoal. Previous to this trend, the idea of using baking soda as a teeth whitener was a widely used and know practice.

The main problem with this habit is that both charcoal and baking soda are very abrasive products. By using it on your teeth, it’s like exfoliating your skin with a bath scrub. The only difference is that when you scrub your skin, it removes the dead skin that causes roughness and or holds bacteria. When you scrub your teeth with an abrasive product, it wears down the protective enamel that your teeth build to defend itself from cavities or breakability.

When you wear down this enamel, not only does it compromise your tooth’s overall health and protection, it exposes the second layer of your tooth, the dentin. When your dentin is exposed, it shows its yellow color. Therefore, doing the opposite of your intention, making your smile appear more yellow rather than white.

There has been no evidence that charcoal as an oral product is effective or safe. Stick to teeth whitening toothpaste with the ADA seal of approval.

2. Lemons, Oranges, And Apple Cider Vinegar

Similar to baking soda, the acidity of citrus or apple cider vinegar can take a toll on your tooth’s enamel when prolonged exposure occurs. Eating fruits regularly as a part of your diet is a great part of your oral hygiene. However, direct contact of those products on your teeth will weaken your enamel, making it easier for cavities to arise and sensitivity to take place.

3. Coconut Oil

Some health enthusiasts have claimed that swishing coconut oil in your mouth can whiten teeth.

Coconut oil has become the latest trend for a multitude of uses such as cooking, moisturizing hair, skin, and even acting as a make-up remover. While there has been evidence that the product can lead to some health benefits, no such evidence has been found for it being used as a teeth whitener.

Why In-Office Teeth Whitening Is The Best Option

While some natural remedies can provide immediate results, the overall health of your teeth can be severely compromised. In addition to being effective, in-office treatments are conducted by professions, reducing the risk of damage to your enamel. Home remedies such as the ones mentioned above can often time cause severe sensitivity and discomfort, leading you to the dentist office anyway.

Although many believe that in-office teeth whitening is unaffordable and looked at as a luxury procedure, many of our patients have been pleasantly surprised by the affordability and long-term results. Done properly, teeth whitening can last as long as five years. We believe that the brightness of your smile, and protection if your oral health is well worth the investment.

Teeth Whitening At Tower Dental Associates

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