General Dentistry

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"I have been going to D2O for about two years now, and every appointment I’ve had has reaffirmed how much I love D2O Dental and the care the staff provides. I would never think about going anywhere else and have recommended D2O to everyone I come into contact with!"
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“I used to avoid the dentist and now I actually look forward to my appointments. My teeth feel so great after and the whole experience is actually peaceful from start to finish. I had some fillings done last week and was nervous, but the whole experience was quick and they really helped me to be comfortable. Thanks D2O dental!”
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“The staff were so nice, fast, and proficient The atmosphere was excellent. The dentist is awesome he took his time checking my teeth and told me exactly what he was doing and explained what procedures that needed to be done to get my teeth corrected.”
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“Thank you to Dr Wong and the rest of the D2O staff. Everyone was super friendly, professional and very good at their job. The atmosphere is lovely, it doesn’t feel like a dental office at all! I left my appointment confident in my decision to choose D2O. In fact, I’ve already recommended it to other people.”