8 Reasons Why Invisalign® Does More Than Just Improve The Look Of Your Teeth

The main reason most patients choose Invisalign® is to improve the look of their smile. But, there is so much more that Invisalign® does beyond cosmetic reasons. In fact, we came up with eight reasons why you should invest in Invisalign have nothing to do with the look of your teeth.

1. Offers Protection

If you are prone to grinding your teeth while you sleep, Invisalign® acts as your teeth’s personal bodyguard. Your aligners protect your teeth while you sleep, so you wake up with straighter teeth, free from damage caused by grinding. Invisalign® can also promote a whiter smile because after you eat or drink anything that isn’t water, you are required to brush your teeth. Stains don’t have anytime to set in thanks to Invisalign®.

2. Straighter Teeth Are Easier To Manage

A straighter smile is much easier to clean and manage. You can floss with ease because teeth will be evenly placed in your mouth, allowing you to fit floss in between. Brushing your teeth is easier and you actually are able to clean teeth evenly. Not to mention, you make your dentist’s job way easier by having a better dental care routine!

3. Speech Is Clearer

With a straighter smile, your ability to speak is enhanced. Pronunciation is actually affected by the way your teeth are positioned. Invisalign® shifts your teeth into their correct place, allowing you to be able to enunciate and speak more clearly. Your speaking voice is better understood, giving you the confidence to present and speak in front of a large audience! (If that’s your thing, of course) 🙂

4. Find Pain Relief

As mentioned before, your teeth are protected if you are prone to grinding your teeth. With less wear and tear on your teeth, you find relief from pain you might have experienced before Invisalign®. You can feel less pain in your face, jaw, and neck after choosing Invisalign®.

5. Reduce Food Caught In Your Teeth

Crooked teeth can allow food to get caught or stuck in places within your mouth. This can create a breeding ground for bacteria and can go undetected in between your visits to the dentist. With Invisalign®, you are constantly brushing your teeth after any meal. Straighter teeth also reduces the chance of keeping unwanted food pieces in your mouth.

6. Fit Into Your Busy Schedule

No matter how busy your schedule is, Invisalign® is designed personally for each patient. Your aligners are sent directly to you, so there’s no need to wait around or schedule an appointment. You only need to see your dentist every six weeks to check on your teeth’s progress.

7. Promote Better Digestion

Sounds crazy right? But, it’s true! Invisalign® shifts your teeth into a position that promotes better chewing. Better chewing means that you are able to thoroughly chew your food to get the most nutrients out of it! A proper bite is the first step in the digestion process and when it’s off, it can throw the whole process off.

8. Helps Jaw Position

Finally, your Invisalign® aligners correct your mouth’s misalignment. This can be attributed to things like overbite or underbite. You might experience painful chewing, joint pain, clicking, or popping in your jaw because of this misalignment. With Invisalign®, your alignment is able to be shifted which promotes a better jaw position.

Straighter Teeth Without The Hassle

Invisalign® gradually shifts your teeth to create a dazzling smile after the duration of your treatment. It’s non-invasive and personalized to your mouth. With less hassle, you can get the smile you’ve been dreaming of without much effort. The aligners are virtually invisible and can be easily taken out for meals.

Invisalign With Tower Dental Associates

At Tower Dental Associates, we are with you every step of your Invisalign journey. We want you to have a straighter smile, but more importantly, we want you to have a healthier mouth. Contact us today to schedule an Invisalign consultation.

Worried about cost? Don’t. We never want finances to stop you from caring for your health. We have multiple financing options to help you get the best care you can at the most affordable cost. If you have any questions about our options, don’t hesitate to call us.

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